Powered by the sun -


The Magic of Slow Travel -
the fastest way to adventure you will ever find

The Magic of Slow Travel -
the fastest way to adventure you will ever find

If we where to travel at the speed of light, we would experience everything in a moment. Our earth, our solar system and the galaxy would pass away in that very moment. On the other hand, the further we move away from the speed of light , the more time we have until everything passes.

With that in mind, enjoy the fact that you do not have to go anywhere - you are already in the right place at the right time.

On one of our sun fleet you travel and live comfortably while moving silently and completely emission-free on the idyllic  Lake Bullaresjön. Our fleets are suitable for 4-6 people and  are powered by solar cells, an electric motor and lithium batteries. There are two beds on benches and two in a dome tent. The benches can also be used as a sofa. In case of rain, you can easily pull a rain cover over the roof. 

The solarboat is easy to operate.
After a detailed introduction, it’s time to start.

    We offer different packages.

    All packages include a 20 minutes introduction,
    life jacket, seat cushions, a table, 2 chairs, sunbed, bucket and shovel, anchor, rain cover and a map with exciting excursion destinations to discover by the lake.

    Daytrip  „Bullaren is best“
    up to 6 persons

    2400 Sek
    Half-day tour
    1800 Sek   p.p.

    Breakfast basket     120 Sek p.p.
    Swedish fika             80 Sek p.p.
    Lunch package        160 Sek p.p.
    Barbecue package (choose between vegetarian or meat) 280 Sek p.p.


    Overnight tour „Bullarens sensation“

    up to 4 persons
    Inccl. tent, madress, camping stove, sleeping bag
    1 night/ 2 nights
    5000 Sek / 7000 Sek

    1 night, 650 Sek p.p.

    1 breakfast basket,  2 swedish fika, 1 barbecue package (choose between vegetarian or meat), 1lunch package

    2 nights, 900 Sek p.p.
    2x  breakfast basket, 2 swedish fika, 2 x  barbecue package (choose between vegetarian or meat),  2 x lunch package



    Special :

    „Bullaren by night“

    Enchanting evening candle night tour from 17.00

    choose between seafood or delightes from the wood

    available from the 15.06. - 10.08.

    Price 2 persons
    2400 Sek
    Price 4 persons
    3000 Sek



    Good to know
    We provide healthy and environmentally-friendly food.
    Fishing license 50 Sek/day p.p.,  week 120 Sek p.p.

    Our  guests in the Tingvall Eco lodge get 10% discount on the prices above.
    To book a half-day or overnighttour , please use the contactform or ring

    Technische Daten

    Length                                     495cm

    Width                                      259cm

    Heigth                                     295cm

    Gewicht                                   400kg

    Draught                                    60cm

    Sleeping Places                         2 + 2

    2 Solar panels                      a 400Watt

    Lithiumbatteriet                   24Volt 50Ah

    Elektric motor                            1 PS

    sport und activities         


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    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    A place to feel safe and secure

    We are adapting Tingvall Eco-Lodge and our work in response to the COVID-19
     We continuously adapt our activities to the present rules and regulations as to coronavirus. The interior of Tingvall minimize the risk of being infected as there is plenty of space in the common areas, the front door leads directly out to fresh air and the surrounding landscape. The simplicity of the interior also makes cleaning easy and efficient.
    Our place is a safe place to live both for you and for others.
    Cancel a booking  :
    You can always cancel a booking according to our rules. For you own safety we recommend a travel insurance.